Beaches of Lake Como – East Side

Beaches of Lake Como – East Side

There are other beaches on the east side of Lake Como:

COLICO BEACH: Colico is the location of Lake Como that has the best exposure from the point of view of wind and air currents, for this reason it is the favourite location of sportsmen who take advantage of this natural element to sail. The beach, in addition to being used for the classic bathing tourism, is the starting point to take off with paragliding or to fly over the lake with kite surfing or wind surfing. Competitions at national and international level are also periodically organized.

CARENO BEACH: Lovely and secluded beach in Careno, on the east side of the lake towards Bellagio. The beach is made up partly of natural sand and partly by grass. It is very quiet and romantic. Nearby there is also a Trattoria but we recommend a picnic because the restaurant works on booking only. It can be reached on foot via a walkway that winds through the ancient village or by public boat which stop is very close. The walkway is up / down and in part formed by steps. The car park is just after the access to reach the beach, it is not very big but not too small also.

PIONA BEACH: Piona is a small fraction of the municipality of Colico, in the province of Lecco, especially loved by campers because, thanks to the municipal administration, there are many areas equipped for this particular way of traveling. There are numerous foreign presences, also attracted by the site of a very important architectural and artistic testimony, the Abbey of Piona. It is a Cistercian abbey that dates back to 1138, accessed by a picturesque walking path that runs along the beach.

BELLAGIO BEACH: Bellagio beach is located in the province of Lecco and is the favourite place for those who like to spend a few hours by the lake in a totally wild territory, full of plants and multiform vegetation. This beach is totally devoid of establishments and commercial activities. To reach there you must leave the car on the road and walk a steep path. For its orientation, Bellagio is kissed by the sun only in the early morning hours, for this reason many people, in order to escape the summer heat, wish to go to this beautiful space in the shade.

After rounding the point of Bellagio towards Lecco, after the village of Oliveto Lario, there is a long and beautiful beach of white pebbles. Given the presence of large trees there are shaded areas. The water here is clear and clean. The SS583 leading to Lecco, a nice town, is very narrow with many curves, but it is very scenic and picturesque. Along the main road you can find several free beaches…

So sit back, relax and enjoy!