Belvedere and Monte Coltignone

Belvedere and Monte Coltignone

Departure: Piani Resinelli, via Excursionists
Arrival: Belvedere, Monte Coltignone

It starts from Piani Resinelli to reach the Belvedere, a fantastic balcony over Lecco, the Briantei lakes, the Corni di Canzo, the Brianza, the Adda river and the Alps.

Comfortable path inside the Valentino Park.
Possibility to visit the Villa Gerosa House Museum.
This is an easy hike, suitable for everyone.
Time: about 2 hours.

Come on, let’s go!

Piani Resinelli can be easily reached by car.
The closest parking lot to the path is the one near the skyscraper and the campsite.
Free parking spaces.
The walk begins in Via degli Excursionists. On the left is the Adventure Park and on the right a large lawn, where people picnic and sunbathe.
The path is wide and comfortable, slightly uphill and leads to the entrance of Parco Valentino.
After about ten minutes you will reach the Casa Museo Villa Gerosa. The museum is open only from May to October and not every day. If you are on the right day, we recommend a visit.
The walk goes on through the woods of ash and beech to a crossroads. Here you can choose to go left towards the path that leads to Mount Coltignone (small climb) or turn right and take the flat path (recommended for children).
We advise you to go up and follow for Belvedere.
In less than 10 minutes you can enjoy a wonderful view.
We continue the journey along the path that represents the low ring (the flat path), which brings us back to the crossroads.

On the way back, before reaching the museum house, there is a cabin on the left. Go down that path to stop and admire the Grignetta. Then continue on the outward path.