Target Rent is a daughter of Target Real Estate, strongly customer oriented and has been operating on Lake Como for over 20 years.
Target Rent specializes in the management of properties for tourism and short rent: we deal with the needs of those who own houses and apartments in the area; we offer excellent accommodation and overnight stays for those who decide to spend an unforgettable travel experience on Lake Como.

An essential goal for our business is to welcome guests.
Welcome is an opening: it means to enter, get involved and, in this, expresses a further nuance compared to the supreme good custom of hospitality. The one who welcomes makes one participate in something of his own, offers himself, opens himself up to the other, becoming one with him.

From here, the intent to make our guests live a holiday of relaxation and discovery. We are committed to the maximum to try to offer a stay that goes beyond the simple holiday and is the right mix of fun, research, experience and tranquility, ideal for all needs and suitable for all ages.

The details that make the stay experience unique begin even before the trip itself.

We also try to amaze and excite our guests: in this sense our services are aimed at the continuous research and proposal not only of real estate, but also of extra-ordinary experiences, able to generate a strong aesthetic and emotional impact.