Coronavirus – A message of comfort

A message of comfort

Coronavirus – A message of comfort

Coronavirus Emergency
A message of comfort to all our friends owners

Dear homeowners,

It’s a difficult time for our country and for the rest of the world.
This dramatic situation is creating serious difficulties for all of us, for our families, for our life and for our work.
On 11 March 2020 the General Manager of OMS stated the global pandemic.
Although the word PANDEMIA may suggest that nothing can be done to contain the virus, each of us will have to engage in a fight that can only be won if we do the right things.



Our reflections start from this phrase which contains a sense of reality, trust and closeness.
We want to share these thoughts with you to find concrete answers about our work and the task you have given us.

After the health emergency, we will also have to face the economic one.
The world is worried, all of us are.
Nobody knows how the situation will evolve, but our job these days is to understand the possible scenarios that can be created in the short and long term, what kind of tourist market will develop after the crisis, how to limit the damage.

At our disposal – for the moment – some events still confirmed that could promote tourism: in Milan “il salone internazionale del mobile”, Milan Piano City, Milano Digital Week and in Como RistorExpo and the opening of the main villas on the Lake.

We would like to let you know that we will be looking for other ways to support you and that we are working to find possible solutions so that our work can recover as soon as possible.

We would like to consider with you the possibility of reducing the length of stays, the terms and conditions to support the development of an internal market for the months of June, July and August and we believe/hope for the return of a foreign market in the period between September and December.

We are working for you because we value your trust and your collaboration, which has always been proactive and effective.
We know that you have all invested time and money in the properties and – like last year – we will do our best to be close to you and manage everything in the best possible way.

We believe that if we stay together and do the right things, we will win this battle.

Un caro saluto,
Veronica & Andrea