Coronavius emergency – Press release

Coronavirus Emergency

Coronavius emergency – Press release

Coronavirus Emergency
Press release of 5 January 2021

The Council of Ministers has approved a decree-law introducing further urgent provisions on containment and management of the epidemiological emergency by COVID-19.

7 and 8 January
Italy is “Reinforced yellow zone”:

  • Free travel until 10 pm, but only within the borders of your region;.
  • Mask and distance required;
  • Bars and restaurants open until 6pm. Take-away and/or home delivery will be available from 6pm;
  • Shops and shopping centres are also open.

9 and 10 January
Italy becomes “Orange zone”:

  • Movements allowed from 5 am to 10 pm but with self-certification; it will be forbidden to leave its municipality;
  • Mask and distance mandatory;
  • Bars and restaurants closed all day;
  • Shops, hairdressers and beauty salons open.

For the measures valid from 11 to 15 January we will have to wait for the new division of the Italian regions in red, orange and yellow.. The color will be decided on Friday, January 8.

However, we already know that:

  • Movement from one region to another is prohibited irrespective of the colour of each region;
  • Bars and restaurants open until 6pm in the yellow zone, while in the red or orange zone will be allowed only take-away and home delivery (until 10pm);
  • Shops open in the yellow and orange area, while in the red area will be open only groceries, supermarkets, hairdressers and shops that sell basic necessities;
  • The reopening of schools is scheduled for Monday, January 11 for orange and yellow regions, while it will continue with distance teaching in those that next Monday will be in the red zone.