Coronavirus: new Italian disposition

It's not over yet

Coronavirus: new Italian disposition

Coronavirus: new Italian disposition

The President of the Council has signed the new Dpcm on the measures of contrast/containment of the emergency Covid-19.
These rules are applid from the date of 14 October 2020 until 13 November 2020.

What are the new features of the new decree?

1.Use of masks:
Throughout the national territory it is mandatory to always have respiratory protection devices, wear them indoors and in all places outdoors.
(Except for those who are performing sports; children under six years of age and persons with diseases or disabilities).
It is strongly recommended the use of the mask even inside private homes in the presence of people not living together.

2.School activities:
Educational trips, exchange or twinning initiatives, guided tours and educational outings are suspended.
The school institutions continue with the regular running of the school year 2020/2021.

3.Work and leisure activities:
The activities taking place in dance halls and discotheques and similar places, outdoors or indoors, are suspended.
Parties in indoor and outdoor areas are forbidden.
Parties for civil or religious ceremonies are allowed with a maximum participation of 30 people in accordance with the protocols and guidelines in force.

With regard to private housing, it is recommended to avoid parties and to receive non-cohabiting persons of more than six.
Trade fairs and congresses are allowed, subject to the adoption of protocols validated by the Technical-Scientific Committee.

The activities of bars, pubs, restaurants, ice cream and pastry shops are allowed until 24.00 with consumption at the table and until 21.00 in the absence of consumption at the table.
It is always allowed catering with home delivery in compliance with hygiene and health standards and take-away.

Few innovations in the field of smart working.

Remains the hub of transport and tourism…

Stay tuned.