Museums and Historical Centres

VIllage of Brienno, Lake Como

Museums and Historical Centres

Museums and Historical Centres

Museums are not confined within the walls of a few buildings. By perserving characteristic historical and artistic features, some places  have become true outdoor museums.

The numerous museum and historical centres are highly regarded attractions, for example:

The village of Brienno preserves its old network of tiny streets known as carrugi or alleyways leading to the piazza; the old spinning mill ; and the Casa Forte on the dock known as the Tur.

In Argegno are the medieval hump-back bridge, the Santuario di S. Anna and S. Sisinio, which was the first main church in this area.

The Museo della Finanza e del Contrabbando in Erbonne is located along an enchanting path that leads to Switzerland.

In Ponna, there is the Museo delle Bambole for people who love dolls or are curious to discover this world. Also in Ponna and in Cosasco the Musei della Civiltà Contadina, precious historical and social resources for preserving the memory of traditions and crafts.

Pigra is an old mountain village thet has preserved its genuine charm. Located at 800 metres above sea level, it offers a spectacular view of Lake Como and hosts the Museo della Società Operaia.