Property Management


  •      Management and supervision staff with monitoring routine activity and timing table
  •      Routine checks and maintenance of the HVAC  systems, included Wi-fi, electric system…
  •      Routine checks and maintenance of the garden, included lighting
  •      Monitor routine maintenance of the pool
  •      4 inspections per month (once a week)
  •      Management of minor repairs
  •      Supervision of work performed by external suppliers
  •      Payments of bills, invoices, payslips and taxes
  •      Detection of problems and searching solution to solve

We need to receive all the information regarding the personnel, the suppliers and the aspects in which it is necessary to pay more attention in order to best perform this assignment.

We  conduct weekly property inspections in order to keep an eye on things such as the cleanliness, the garden, the systems etc.

Target Rent Management takes a proactive approach to building maintenance by setting up a  preventive/routine maintenance schedule for the property, based on the information  provided by the Owner.

 Exclusions ( in addition to the monthly management fee )

  •      Maintenance charges
  •      accountant
  •      taxes etc.