The art of silk in Como

Como Silk Museum

The art of silk in Como


The birth

The Museum originated in 1985 on the initiative of the Classe ’27 with the collaboration of the Ex Allievi del Setificio. These associations have worked hard to recover the finds from the silk textile factories in the city of Como.
In 1988 the Committee for the establishment of the Silk Museum exhibited to the public the first artifacts collected in the “Permanent exhibition of historical finds from the silk industry”. This initiative is implemented with the contribution and collaboration of the Province of Como, the Savings Bank of the Lombard Provinces and the State Industrial Technical Institute “Paolo Carcano”.
The Educational Silk Museum, a place of historical memory of the Como silk industry, was opened to the public in 1990.


During the years the Museum has many finds from the history of industry and craftsmanship from the period between 1850 to 1950. These findings are treated and restored with the help of technicians and experts in silk production.
In 1992 the Como Silk Museum Association was established to support this new cultural reality.
In June 1999 the Association obtained the recognition of the legal personality from the Lombardy Region.
Between 1994 and 1998, the numerous donations of machines and instruments determine the need to expand the space.
This expansion is carried out with the contribution of the Cariplo Foundation and the Lombardy Region.

The museum today

Today the exhibit space of the museum occupies about 1,000 square meters and the exhibited patrimony represents a unicum worldwide.
The exhibition halls and the internal departments, in fact, offer the visitor the opportunity to fully know the production process and also the individual work phases.

The Museum has archives and deposits.

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