The Troggia Waterfall in Introbio (LC)

Cascata della Troggia

The Troggia Waterfall in Introbio (LC)

Troggia is a stream that rises from Lake Sasso, crosses the whole Val Biandino and, just above the village of Introbio, forms a beautiful waterfall with a jump of 100 meters.

The waterfall of Troggia is known since ancient times, it is also called “Dog Paradise” inside many ancient books.

Also Leonardo Da Vinci wrote something about its beauty.

Troggia ends in a little lake, then joins to the Pioverna river which end in the Lake Como.

The way to get there is easy: you can see Troggia Waterfall from the provincial road and reach it along a path of 1km.
The lazy ones can walk a stretch of road towards the Biandino Valley by car, park and walk in 5-10 minutes to the base of the waterfall.

During the summer you can also have a swim at the little lake, even if the water is always a little cold!