Valsolda : landscapes and nature

Valsolda : landscapes and nature


This valley has several towns: Albogasio, Castello, Dasio, Drano, Cressogno, Oria, San Mamete, Puria, and Santa Margherita.

Valsolda was made famous by Antonio Fogazzaro’s book “Piccolo mondo antico”, which is set here, and the writer’s home is still in Oria.

The municipal area stretches from the lake to the mountain plateau.

The valley has many churches: the Santuario di N.S. della Caravina (right before the state road between Cima and Cressogno), S. Ambrogio in the upper area of Albogasio, the parish church of the Annunciazione in the lower area of Albogasio, the parish church of S. Bartolomeo, the parish church of S. Martino, the parish church of S. Maria Assunta, and the parish church of S. Mamete.

The castle, with its unique setting, is also noteworthy.


Villa Fogazzaro Roi a Oria, Valsolda (Como)

Given to FAI from Marquis Giuseppe Roi

Villa Fogazzaro Roi is located on the italian side of Lake Lugano, few kilometers from Como and not far from Milano.

The writer Antonio Fogazzaro here wrote and set his masterpiece Piccolo mondo antico (LITTLE OLD-FASHIONED WORLD).

Antonio Fogazzaro’s esteemed 1895 novel of the same title, is set in 19th Century Lombardy, then under Austrian domination. Like Manzoni’s novel I PROMESSI SPOSI, the story is set into motion by the marriage of a young couple that meets opposition. The couple here is Franco and Luisa. Franco’s grandmother, the Marchesa, is his only “parent.” This cold-hearted, über-aristocratic matriarch won’t permit her grandson to marry Luisa, the daughter of a government “funzionario.” When he does so anyway, against her wishes, the fat old meanie disinherits him and does whatever she can to persecute the couple.

How to get to Villa Fogazzaro Roi in Oria, Valsolda (Co):

from Como: SS 36 until Menaggio; follow directions for Porlezza and then Valsolda.

from Lugano: follow directions Dogana/Gandria then for Valsolda.

The Villa will reopen to the public on Saturday16th March 2019 with the following times:

10:00 – 18:00, from Wednasday to Sunday; Monday and Tuesday oper only if public holidays.


Always available on request for private events.

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