Aero Club Lake Como

Aero Club Lake Como


The city is a real temple for flying over water.

Como is the only place where an activity with seaplanes still takes place regularly and is also the site of a flight school.

The manager is the Aero Club Como, founded in 1930, one of the most important flying organizations with seaplanes in Europe is the oldest in the world, as certified by Guinness World Records TM.

The iron building of the hangar with the large square in front was built in the 1930s. The hangar overlooks the lakefront and is in the city center.

Here you can see the aircraft of the fleet.

Currently the fleet consists of four Cessna 172, I-SAAB I-PVLC I-BISB (hydro) I-DROV (amphibious) brands, a Cessna 206 amphibious N206BJ, a Piper PA-18 amphibious I-GEGE and a Cessna O- 1 Bird Dog I-EIAQ.

In the hangar of the Aero Club of Como there is also the oldest flying seaplane of the world: the Caproni Ca.100 I-ABOU of 1935.

This airplane is private, so it cannot be used by other pilots. Another pride of the Aero Club is the so-called “Hydrofoil”, a sport boat with an Alfa Romeo engine that has won many nautical awards.