In the Online check-in process you’ll have to enter the personal data of all group members.

Providing this data is mandatory in order to stay in a hotel or vacation rental in Italy. For more information view our Privacy Policy.

When entering the data you will see the following screen:

The Main Guest must enter:

  • Step 1: Personal Data
  • Step 2: ID/Passport Details
  • Step 3: Personal Home Address

For all other guests you only need to complete “Step 1 – Personal Data” and enter their home town

It is also possible to scan the MRZ code of your PASSPORT to speed up the data entry process. Simply click on “Document Scan” to begin scanning.
PLEASE NOTE: the lamination of the first page of the passport may make it difficult for your device’s camera to capture the MRZ code.

We hope this guide has been helpful.

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