Dervio and its attractions Lake Como

Dervio and its attractions Lake Como

Dervio lies on a Derviese peninsula that juts out into the waters of the lake.
Dervio has very ancient origins and it was an important fortified village since Roman times for its strategic position on the road connecting the Valtellina to Milan through Valsassina.
Thanks to its natural beauty and artistic and to the recent infrastructure projects, Dervio is one of the most important tourist location of the eastern shore of Lake Como and it is considered the “Paradiso della vela” – Paradise of the sail – with its ideal location extending into the lake always ventilated and with the four sailing schools.

The walk along the lake of considerable extention, with many beaches and with the beautiful location facilities in the countryside, offers an elegant and natural landscape, where walking becomes relaxation and funny.

The mountains surrounding Dervio allow excursions in an uncontaminated area with wonderful view. It is a very active country, with several events and initiatives for the entertainment of residents and tourists.


At the foot of the mountain lies the church of San Quirico and Giulitta, one of the oldest religious buildings in the area.

In the area of – Borgo – Hamlet -, overlooking the lake, stands the church of SS. Pietro and Paolo (XI century), with its Romanesque bell tower.

Encamped on a cliff overlooking the village, the – Castello di Orezia – “Castle Orezia” was built in the late Middle Ages, to seal off the street of Valvarrone, currently remains a well preserved tower, flanked by the remains of ancient houses.

In a location called Mai, 400 meters above sea level, on the promontory overlooking the southern part of Dervio, there are the ruins of Castelvedro V-VI cent.

The fort stands in a dominant position and from the remains of walls you can imagine how significant was the size of the castle.

It was part of the defense system created on the shores of the lake due to the incursions of barbarians from the Rezia.
It was used to control the ancient road on the left side of Valvarrone, which connected Dervio with Piazzo of Casargo at the entrance of Valsassina.

The village of Corenno Plinio is one of the most beautiful places on Lake Como where you can still feel a strong suggestion and imagine the historic events of the lake during the Middle Ages.
The medieval hamlet is built around the castle and the church located on the top of the headland.
The ancient houses, the arcades and decorations make Corenno an unique and unrepeatable location.

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