Routes from Lezzeno and surroundings

Routes from Lezzeno and surroundings

Walk along the Royal Road (Strada Regia)

The Strada Regia is a route along the eastern shore of the branch of Lake Como, between the capital and Bellagio.
This pedestrian path is well signposted, about 30 km long, perfect for trekking and also suitable for a nice mountain bike ride.

The itinerary can be divided into three stages:

  1. Brunate-Torno 6 km),
  2. Torno-Nesso (11 km),
  3. Nesso-Bellagio (12 km).

Brunate – Torno

Climb to Brunate with the funicular continue along Via Roma and Via Nidirino. After passing the sports field, take a path on the right in the forest.
The first section is narrow and cuts into the coast a rather steep slope.
Walk downhill to a junction where you cross a mule track that you follow turning left and follow up to Capovico.
The route continues to Sopravilla and Sorto.
Continue to descend a flight of stairs between the alleys of Cazzanore.
The route continues for a short distance on provincial road 583. After passing the few houses of Parlasca and avoiding the tunnel, take the road on the left and go up to the right in via Rasina.
You pass the Cappellina del Tuè and go down to the village of Torno. To return to Como you can take the boat or the bus.

Torno – Nesso

Once in Torno take via al Pozzo until the sign of the Strada Regia where you take via Molina, the first on the right. From here continue until you cross, near a stone bridge, a short stretch of provincial road.
Continue for about 300 m and turn on the paved ramp that climbs steeply. Pass the Pliniana valley on an ancient stone bridge and proceed through the woods to the chapel of San Rocco.
A staircase leads to via XX settembre in the hamlet of Molina. From here you can reach piazza Sant’Antonio, via Bargiola and via Fontana Vecchia.
Continue through the meadows of Bremen and cross the valley creek to get to Lemna.
The route continues on the asphalt road (via Bernardo Silo) and then on the provincial road to Palanzo. At the entrance of the village a few steps on the right lead to the ancient houses and the porch and the square of the church of Sant’Ambrogio.
Leaving the village along Via Pisciola, descend towards Pognana Lario. Cross the village along Via Quarzano and Via Careno and continue along the path that goes up to the Monti di Careno.
After passing some huts, turn right towards Nesso, a locality known for its Orrido. To return to the starting point you can use the bus.

Nesso – Bellagio

Starting from the bridge over the Orrido di Nesso you can choose between two different itineraries.
The most sporty can opt for the high variant that goes up to the villages of Lissogno and Vico and towards Lezzeno.
For the lower variant take via Coatesa along the marina.
Then cross the provincial road and near a chapel at the end of the village you climb a paved ramp until you reach the high variant.. Continue towards Lezzeno through the forest, slowly climbing up to Carvagna, Sormazzanae Calvasino.
Once in Lezzeno continue to Casate and you reach the provincial road again, near the panoramic viewpoint. Then the path climbs up the slopes of Monte Nuvolone: a wonderful natural balcony overlooking the lake.
A steep descent leads to the gorge of Ponte del Diavolo.
The center of Bellagio is another three kilometers.

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